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Cold Radiators?

Are your radiators cold at the bottom or not getting hot at all?

Boiler Noises?

Is your boiler cutting out and making large banging noises?

Hot & Cold tap water?

Is your hot water going hot and hold when running the hot water tap?

You may need a powerflush!

modern equipment + high performance chemicals + knowledge = excellent powerflush results!

We use latest technologies to perform powerflush efficiently and thoroughly. We’ve always believed that successful powerflushing is derived from moving water as fast as possible through a heating system to mobilise and transport the debris to a point where it can be forcibly discharged.

Do you have any of the following? you may need a flush?

  • Cold radiators or dirty bleed water?
  • Boiler cuts out or makes noises?
  • Do you have a cold home due to blocked pipes?
  • Tepid water or water or temperature fluctuates?

We use only the best equipment and chemicals

Clearflow CF90 Quantum

The ultimate high performance powerflushing and descaling pump for professionals. Maximum flow rate 150l/min, motor 0.75 HP, twice as powerful as average powerflushing pump. (completely safe for a boiler and pipework, doesn't build up pressure)

Adey MagnaCleanse Filter

MagnaCleanse delivers an extremely effective solution because it not only removes just as much sludge from the system in the majority of cases, it also provides ongoing lifetime protection with the installation of a MagnaClean domestic filter. We Are Magnaclean Specialists

Best Chemicals & Magnetic Filters

With all flushes we use MC1 Protector and MC3 Cleaner & we can upgrade your system to a MagnaClean professional to offer additional boiler protection

• Effective magnetic and efficient chemical filtration
• Reduced carbon emissions

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Why choose Power Flush 365?

Our service teams have carried out over (2000) powerflushes in all kinds of heating systems for happy customers in the UK since (2019). We can service and repair gas, oil and electric heating systems of all types, large and small. We don’t need access to the energy supply (gas or electric) so our work is safe for your property and for our engineers.

What is Powerflushing? This process removes rust and debris that builds up in every heating system over time. Water, special chemicals and flushing equipment used by our experienced plumbing engineers remove this unwanted ‘sludge’ from the complete system. The machine used has techniques such as 3-way valves to make sure your system is expertly made as clean as possible. Yes we can clean microbore systems, please alert us when making your enquiry/requesting a quotation and see the FAQs below.

Our speciality is to restore, repair and maintain central heating systems, heat exchangers and associated pipework and radiators – including breakdowns, blockages, kettling and other failures. The engineers use a cleaning process with a water treatment called ‘powerflushing’ that removes contaminants and particles that prevent your system from working or reduce its efficiency. Our power flush machine is used in place of your circulating pump and uses pressure and heat to clear your system. After the process is complete we use a corrosion inhibitor to make sure that your system stays clean and efficient for as long as possible. Your heating system should be more reliable and efficient, less noisy and with fewer ‘cold spots’ after our treatment process.

Before and after our treatment process, our Engineers will inspect and report on your heating system and provide you with:

• A verbal and written report on findings and work carried out
• A certificate confirming the treatment and status of your system – useful if you are thinking of renting or
selling your property
• A 5 year guarantee against blockages after our full service
• A clean and tidy area where we have been working

Our Promise:
• A competitive package price vs leading energy suppliers
• A visit time to suit you

Why might I need Powerflushing?
• Your pump may have failed completely or fails to circulate efficiently - this leads to poor heating of radiators and other issues with the boiler and thermostat such as overheating
• You may have blockages in the system which means that some radiators are not working or have ‘cold spots’
• Your system may be noisy with popping, hissing or banging - this is likely due to blockages, or even worse, steam trying to escape which can be dangerous
• Rust in your system, especially with an old boiler, or even with a relatively new boiler, can come from the radiators which are usually mild steel. This builds up as unwanted sludge

Finally, we will advise you on future maintenance of your system with corrosion inhibitor to help keep it running at its best capacity. Contact us now for a competitive quotation designed for your system and a service timing to suit you.

FAQs about our service and maintenance of your heating system:

How do i stop my system from rusting?
Once we have flushed and treated your heating system, the best way of protecting it is to regularly top up with corrosion inhibitor. This stops the rust forming by adding a protective molecule to any exposed bare iron. That molecule (most often another coumpound metal called molybdenum) parks in the place that the oxygen molecule that causes rust. This works best if you have a closed system that does not pull in fresh water, so consult with our Engineers about this.

Can a powerflush treatment fix cold spots in radiators?
Yes, a powerflush can fix cold radiators, particularly if they are cold at the bottom because that is where the sludge collects. Other places that sludge commonly builds up are in the hot water cylinder, and in the manifolds in microbore systems. Our system will clear all of these areas.

Are there other ways to clean a heating system?
Yes, you can add a chemical cleaner in to the system, leave for up to four weeks and then open up the system drain-cocks and let the water run out. When you do that, the only force moving the water out of the system is gravity and that will not pick up any larger bits of rust. Those will be left in nooks and crannies. This is why the powerflush system is more effective.

DIY Machine Hire – can I do this myself?
You can hire a machine that flushes your system if you are competent with plumbing fixtures and capable of repairing/closing pipes and outlets. However our professional team will do a competively priced service that will be hassle and worry free!

Can you powerflush microbore systems?
Yes, but with a great deal of care. 10mm and 8mm microbore systems need to be approached in a very different way to standard sized pipework and our Engineers can assess your system and ensure that it is cleaned in the right way. Due to the obvious difference in thickness we will take special care to make sure the system is not blocked during the cleaning process. When requesting a quotation please let us know if you have a microsystem (which were introduced in the 1970s to save on copper piping). Measure the pipes – standard pipes are usually 15mm – or include a photograph in your enquiry.


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